21 febrero, 2010

Sky city

Las ciudades del futuro según el arquitecto ruso Victor Kirillow serán verticales, en cada planta una urbe con su escuela, jardín, su centro comercial y zonas de ocio. Así visto, cada vez más nos parecemos a la formación de avispero y galería carcelaria... y encima felices.

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Виктор dijo...

The project "Sky City" is an attempt to understand the positive and negative tendencies of modern urban planning. The modern system of urban planning formed under the influence of many factors such as: historical, technical, economic, social, etc. The underlying factor of the system is its self-regulation, each element (building) appears only when it is necessary to society and it is determined above listed factors. Today, we are improving the urban planning unit (building) and little attention on the structure which has a long time is unchanged. Also present and negative factors such as: urban sprawl, the eternal conflict of pedestrian and traffic flow, proximity to industrial zones, high density areas, poor insolation, etc.
"Sky City" is a rethinking of modern urban structure while preserving its positive trends. Vertical development environment protects the biosphere. Platform is a space to fill urban development units and are a factor of flexibility as well as retain the notion of street - the building, the alternation of open and closed spaces. Multi-level platforms share the flows of pedestrians and transport, and operate in continuous mode. Also the city is endowed with a closed engineering and power system.
This project does not search for new forms and new space is merely an attempt to look at the urban structure from a different angle and attempt to solve real problems. Aesthetics of the structure in its rationality, functionality, viability, and I believe that they are the key to self-sufficiency !